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Milky Way Meadows is a family-run business. We want to share our special place with you.


Milky Way Meadows is a lush alpine meadow located near Mammoth Lakes in central California. With the nearby Glass Mountains forming an impenetrable shield against light pollution, it is one of the darkest sites in the USA. Even veteran sky watchers are stunned when they see the Milky Way and its great rift of dust shining down over this pristine site.


We are developing Milky Way Meadows as a laboratory for dark sky astronomy and outdoor STEM education. 

We are glad to meet you!

Milky Way Meadows is owned by Tony Phillips and Katharine Allen. We are working to create a dark sky and Eastern Sierra wonderland for future visitors. Meet our team!

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Dr. Tony Phillips and Katharine Allen

Tony is an astrophysicist who runs He brings his unique background in astronomy to Milky Way Meadows dark sky views of the stars.

Katharine is an interpreter and trainer. She welcomes visitors from all over and loves introducing them to the Eastern Sierra region and all it has to offer.

Jordan Herbst

Jordan is a local photographer and musician working as part of our photography duo with Levi to develop photo tours on Milky Way Meadows. You can see his work at @jordan_herbst_photo on Instagram. 

Jen Paludi.jpeg
Jen Paludi

Jen has a background coordinating projects, programs and proposals that relate to resilience of natural resources in ways that benefit all beings, from fisheries along the coast of CA to rare plant conservation in special places in the Eastern Sierra.She treads lightly but hopes to leave a huge positive impact during her lifetime across her various roles as mother, teacher, learner, pack leader, caretaker, explorer, painter, and restorer.

Levi Aguilera

Levi is a local nature photographer helping develop Milky Way Meadows astrophotography and nature photography tours. Check out his work on  @leviaguilera_photography on Instagram.

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